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DAISY new version AI launch time

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Dear Daisy Family, 
As promised, here are the details on several topics:
1. Crypto AI implementing process for July 1st:
Implementation is planned to start today the 22nd of June and should be fully finished and live by July 1st. 
New AI will start working once its implementation is 100% completed, target is July 1st.
Please also remember that EVERYONE who is contributing NOW towards crypto tiers is being REWARDED with DOUBLE EQUITY in a brand new 5% Equity Pool, because the new AI is not live yet.
Double equity for Crypto Tier 5 and above is only available during the month of June and therefore will not be extended.
2. Forex AI Tiers:
Update: For June and July, Forex Tiers 5 and above (including momentum packs) will be given equity in the new 5% Endotech Equity pool. Double equity only applies to Crypto Tiers 5 and above, and will end in June. 
3. New AI integration into Forex and other markets
Endotech's new AI will be able to be applied to all markets, starting with crypto. 
Approximately after 2-4 weeks of being 100% connected to crypto, we will start implementation of the new AI on the forex side as well. Future roadmap also includes new asset classes. 
4. Blockchain fee:
The Blockchain Withdrawal fee has been updated from 8USDT to 10USDT. 
Transactions have become more expensive and if we wouldn't adjust the fee, the trading fund would "pay" for it, which wouldn't be fair for those who do not withdraw. 
In case fees are lower during the withdrawal window, the fee will be adjusted, therefore you'll only get deducted, what has been consumed.
5. Trading vs. AI development:
AI development cannot be compared to regular trading. 
Development means testing. 
Testing might not always bring profits or bring the same level of profits during each phase, but the process is necessary to reach the goal of a super AI. 
It's like teaching a child to walk. It has to crawl, fall, and stand before being able to walk, but it doesn't take long before walking turns into running. 
6. Numbers:
Permanent achievers shares: 889
Permanent builders shares 7677
Builders shares May: 36128
Total shares of equity in 1st 5% equity pool: 3094111
Value of Dubai event pool: TBA
7. Withdrawal Minimum:
Each withdrawal triggers the UNILEVEL bonus payout, which is consuming energy. 
A payout below 100USDT wouldn't cover the expenses. 
Stay tuned for further updates 

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