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DAISY account security

I have been using dex wallet of different types for ages, I have never been hacked. Your security is in your own hands when using dex wallets like tron etc. One simple trick to survive using your wallet on other web3 sites apart from daisy is to creat multi wallets in the app. The tronprolink app and other dex apps allows you to create multiple wallets in it with separate private keys and wallet address for each wallet, yes, you heard me right.
In this case, give each wallet a specific name according your use. Never you use the wallet for daisy to connect to other web3 sites or opportunities like mining, staking, swapping etc because you will be exposing your wallet to lot of risk.
Use other wallet you created inside same app to do other things like the ones I mentioned above. Keep daisy wallet only for daisy web3 access.If by chance the other wallet is hacked, it won't affect others because each wallet has her own private keys and address. Let's be smart.
How to cancel risk authorization for DAISY account?
Here is what you can do quickly.
1. Copy your wallet address
2. Go to
3. Past your wallet address in the search box 
4. Click on the wallet address to run a preliminary scan on it
5. Scroll down a little you will see the following; wallet / portfolio / Approval 
6. Click on Approval (you will see the numbers of SC that has been approved in your wallet.
7. Cancel any suspicious SC approval or better still Cancel all if you don't recognised them. You will need your password to do this.
If this is successfully carried out, then step one to freeing your wallet is done 

If the DAISY account has been stolen, please try to set up multi-signature to recover the remaining assets!
Tutorial for the Multi-Signature Scheme – TronLink Support
DAISY Account Security Tips:
Remember: Be sure to save and backup your Tronlink wallet private key and mnemonic phrase, do not share with anyone. Once lost, you cannot log in and retrieve your assets! ! ! Keep it simple,in your wallet do only transaction with daisy ai Strictly and don't try others SC or Transfers from the wallet. If needed please open another wallet or account with different password for miscellaneous transaction. Don't trust anyone or a link that asks you to provide a private key or mnemonic, it's a scam!
How to SECURE your tron and tronlink wallet from scammers and hackers:

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