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Tronlink wallet setup multi-signature tutorial

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 Tip for people who have been hacked and are loosing in Tronlink all funds that are received.
To stop this you can enable multisig and to do that follow these steps:
1. You need to open new Tronlink wallet inside in app and then you will have two wallets in one app with different addresses. 
2. Top Up your new wallet with TRX and as it is a new wallet it hasn't been hacked that's why all funds should be safe there. 
3. Prepare in new wallet enough TRX, that will be staked for energy to enable multisig option.
4. When enough TRX are prepared in new wallet then go to stake option, there choose necessary TRX amount and at next step where it shows receiving account that should receive energy, it is necessary to delete original wallet address and choose another one from the list that has been hacked and go further to complete staking.
5. This way your hacked wallet will be filled with energy and you can go to multisig option and enable it.
6. In multisig as an option you can add new wallet as second safety layer and use it as 2FA for all confirmations that are necessary from hacked wallet.
P.S. But don't delete owner permission for hacked wallet, cuz that way you will get other problems. Instead use both wallets as owners and choose an option that it will be necessary to confirm with both wallets each action that are being made from hacked one.
After enabling multisig this way a hacked wallet will be safe and you won't loose any received money from that wallet anymore 

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