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DAISY AI Sharing experience on gas fees

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Sharing experience on gas fees:
1. Example is without having any energy:
Tier 1 = 550 TRX
Tier 2 = 460 TRX
Tier 3 = 465 trxy
Tier 4 = 500 TRX
Tier 5 = 500 TRX
2. Example with renting 1M units of energy:
We have spent 330trx for 1M units and then paid apart from that 
Tier 1: 220 TRX
Tier 2: 200 TRX
Tier 3: 210 TRX
Without energy we have paid for Tiers 1-3 1475 TRX, which is about 100 USDT. 
With renting energy we have paid (energy rent included) for Tier 1-3 960 TRX, which is about 65 USDT. 
As you can see, we get back old prices on fees when renting energy.
I assume, that with renting 2M units of energy (about 660 TRX) you could contribute to tier 1 - 3 without paying extra TRX, which would mean, that you would have spent about 45 USDT in total only. I haven't tried that one, so it's an assumption only. 
Remember, that when renting energy you can book 1 Tier every 24 hours, 3 times in total. So yes, it takes a while, but at least it's an option.
Have a great day.
P.S.: Yesterday renting energy was much more expensive than 4 days ago. So we would have to keep an eye on that also.

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