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DAISY Tron Gas Fee High Solution

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You might have noticed that Tron blockchain fees have increased due to ongoing network upgrades
To interact with any smart contract we need energy and if you have enough of it then the transaction will not cost any additional trx. There are a couple ways to get energy:
1)  You can stake some TRX to get energy but it costs a lot
e.g to buy 1 tier on daisy we need about 300K-350K energy(will have to check the current rate) which will cost about 12500-14500 trx to be staked. If someone has this amount of TRX lying around then its the best option as your transaction becomes almost free.
Stake TRX To Increase Bandwidth:
2)  Another option is to just buy energy from a marketplace.  This is an amazing alternative that we just learned about.  For about 40 TRX you can buy around 350K energy for 3 days use which means your cost per tier buy now becomes only 40 TRX or less !!     Keep in mind energy gets refilled in 24 hours, so you can actually buy 3 tiers in 3 days at the cost of just about 40 TRX. Just make sure you plan it all in advance before buying energy.
Some of the energy marketplaces are, and tronlending etc.
Sharing experience on gas fees:
When registering, you need to reserve 800 TRX to avoid burning and being deducted all TRX is still unsuccessful. The following is the actual deduction of TRX, and the fluctuation is not fixed! You will want to have 800 TRX in your tronlink trx wallet to register, and to be safe have 800 TRX available for each tier you plan to contribute too. 
1. Example is without having any energy:
Tier 1 = 550 TRX
Tier 2 = 460 TRX
Tier 3 = 465 trxy
Tier 4 = 500 TRX
Tier 5 = 500 TRX
2. Example with renting 1M units of energy:
We have spent 330trx for 1M units and then paid apart from that 
Tier 1: 220 TRX
Tier 2: 200 TRX
Tier 3: 210 TRX
Without energy we have paid for Tiers 1-3 1475 TRX, which is about 100 USDT. 
With renting energy we have paid (energy rent included) for Tier 1-3 960 TRX, which is about 65 USDT. 
As you can see, we get back old prices on fees when renting energy.
I assume, that with renting 2M units of energy (about 660 TRX) you could contribute to tier 1 - 3 without paying extra TRX, which would mean, that you would have spent about 45 USDT in total only. I haven't tried that one, so it's an assumption only. 
Remember, that when renting energy you can book 1 Tier every 24 hours, 3 times in total. So yes, it takes a while, but at least it's an option.
Have a great day.
P.S.: Yesterday renting energy was much more expensive than 4 days ago. So we would have to keep an eye on that also.

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