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DAISY AI Crypto transfer Forex pool

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The smart contracts are ready to move 98% of tiers 1 and 2, and 70% of Tiers 3-10 from Crypto AI to Forex AI. This will happen automatically on Nov 1st unless you indicate otherwise. 
To have your crypto contributions transferred to Forex on Nov 1st, you can either ignore this poll, or click save (the green YES box will be automatically checked). 
If you wish for your Crypto AI contribution to remain in Crypto, select the RED "NO" option and click save. 
The Forex AI is performing with amazing results (over 250% since April), and we are now ready to test it with larger funds. Additionally this will allow the Endotech team to focus on the development of the Crypto AI with smaller funds until it is fully ready.

 The smart contracts are ready to move a large amount of the crypto balance to Forex AI  
1. 98% of tiers 1 and 2 will be moved
2. 70% of Tiers 3-10 will be moved
3. The transfer will happen automatically on Nov 1st, unless you indicate otherwise
4. In case you DO want the transfer being done, you either ignore this poll or click save (the green YES box will be automatically checked)
5. If you DON'T wish your Crypto AI contribution being transfer, select the RED "NO" option and click save
6. Transferred will be 70-98% of the CURRENT BALANCE 
7. It will be a mixed calculation and it will be moved in one go. 
Example: You are a Tier 5 member and your current balance is 1000, the part that represents tier 1&2 of that balance will be moved with 98% and the remaining part will be moved with 70%.
8. The remaining 2-30% will stay with crypto AI, which is used for further development and testing. 
As soon as the Crypto AI is showing good results, funds may be moved back. 
9. You will not be getting FOREX TIERS, but your contribution will be traded with forex AI instead of crypto Al.

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