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Daisy Dec 3 Global Call Debrief
2023 Daisy Goals
 1 million contributors
 1 billion in contributions
 Be project where all participants win
Forex AI Results
 347% profit including compounding
 100% of Tiers 1 & 2 trading funds for Crypto moved to Forex
 70% of Tiers 3-10 trading funds for Crypto moved to Forex
Crypto AI Update
 Updated version operational
 50% profit since Oct 2022
 Higher ratio profitable trades
 3X in stability of results
FTX Collapse
 Endotech did NOT use FTX
 Had NO exposure to FTX issues
 Did manage to short market and profit
Daisy "Told You So" Event Dubai Feb 2022
 Date changed to Feb 20/21
 New Venue is Madinat Arena, Jumeirah Beach 
 Starts 1pm Feb 20
 2200 seat capacity
 Close to 1000 tickets left for purchase
 Hotel / Resort Recommendations coming
New Promotion for Told You So Attendees
 Proceeds from Ticket Sales going into Forex Trading Fund
 Daisy will match this 1:1 to increase size of fund
 All attendees will receive profits earned from Fund
 Trading will start with these funds this week
 Profits from this week to next event paid to attendees
 Next event will be either some time time 2023 or early 2024
 Meet Dr Anna & Endotech Team
 Meet auditors, Ernst & Young
 Major announcements made at the event
Momentum Pack New Promo
 Ability to buy NEW Momentum Packs ends when Forex Trading Contributions reach 100M
 Current Forex contributions @ 70M
 Can rebuy UNLIMITED Momentum Packs you already have until Dec 31 even if 100M target reached
 Momentum Packs see 90% of contribution go to trade
Pace Setter Reset
 Available to Jan 1, 2023
 Current referrals count towards 24 personal referrals needed
 Need 128K new personal referral volume
Forex Builders Pool
 Share value for Oct paid Dec 2 = $137 USDT
Achievers Pool
Share value for Oct paid Dec 2 = $5124

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