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Having already read and learned a lot here, I would now also like to share my experience of borrowing energy to optimize the costs of financing further stages. I hope it is helpful.
Basically, I followed the excellent video tutorial that was already posted here. My goal was to get from level 1 to level 5 and then get the level 5 Momentum Pack. All I wanted to do was wait long enough for the energy to be sufficient to finance the next step.
Here is the chronological sequence:
day 1
15:21: First I borrowed 1.5 million energy for 495 TRX to have enough buffer
17:04: Stage 2 Contribution (1,023,531 Energy)
Overnight the energy was sufficiently recharged (thanks to the buffer) to continue directly early in the morning!
day 2
06:45: Contribution level 3 (838,827 energy)
16:59: Contribution level 4 (897,439 energy)
day 3
07:09: Contribution level 5 (897,536 energy)
23:45: Momentum Pack (267,663 energy)
For the entire process (4 levels + momentum) I did not need any further TRX.
So the total cost was the 495 TRX (about 32 USDT).
I would have even had time and energy for 1 or 2 more stages, but unfortunately no more USDT ;)

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