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The forex calendar is divided into three periods of volatility. Out of these three periods, only two offer the best trading conditions. In June, July and August, volatility slows down due to the summer season, making it the worst time to trade forex. During the summer months, the release of economic data slows down. This is because many countries, especially in Europe, take extended summer holidays. As a result, the lower volume of economic data leads to less volatility in the market, which slows down the market.
The Endotech AI has recently increased risk management to preserve capital by using lower leverage, smaller lot size per trade to reduce drawdown, staying out of the market etc. Personally, I am pleased to see that they are putting math before emotions. 
It's not just about what you make, it’s also about what you keep. As Warren Buffet says… rule number 1: never lose money. Rule number 2: never forget rule number one. 
The higher returns will recommence once the AI deems it safe to dial up the level of risk again.
Well, of course it is technical.  It's a complex business.  That is why we are funding a team of 40 quants to build it.
So my simplification - when the market does not move much it is harder to find trades.  And it is always necessary to manage risk carefully.  The most important thing is to not incur losses.    The strategy that was described, of taking 50% profit early, reduces the risk of loss, but it also lowers the maximum reward.  
Endotech is operating in the real world, and the world's financial systems (my perspective) are more uncertain than they have ever been.   It is as if the entire system is holding its breath.   It is harder to find profitable trades, and harder to see the entry and exit points - to know when to "bet" and when to close that bet.  Sooner or later, conditions will change.   If the new AI's are good, then that is when  we will again see the profit levels as before.  That is what we have to hope for, and wait patiently for the right conditions.

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