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DAISY Global CALL June 1st

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DAISY AI June 1, Global Update Call must watch call:
Short notes: 
 Forex Momentum Tier Extension:
June 2 Forex Momentum Tiers will open up for 24 hours at 1pm UTC
These will count for May Achievers and Builders Pools
 93M USDT contributions in the month of May
It all started in a conversation 3 years ago… now the most innovative, limitless projects have been initiated and accomplished. Through challenges of tech development, the progress is astounding. 
With over 200,000 wallets participating
While hundreds of other projects have started and failed, Daisy has risen in the truest sense of the word. 
 Dr Anna Becker: We are ready for Official product Launch
Culminating technical experts, fundamental experts, market states, trading algorithms and over 70 ai experts… 
With attention & context defined together, the ai can now maneuver market states to accomplish short term decisions for trade executions and risk management. This happens every second. 
The methodology has been discovered and parlayed into actionable work. Complex elements such as time and historical consideration are resolved. 
The measure for success are metrics, such as sharpe ratio has surpassed 2 at 3.9 right now, goal of 5 within the next month. (note: a sharpe ratio of 2 is considered good and represents a viable fund… The Sharpe ratio can be used to evaluate a portfolio’s risk-adjusted performance. 3.9 means there are occasional losses only. 5 is exceptional)
The holy grail is the amount of trades that are correct. The system was at 50%. Right now, the system is accomplishing 85-90% profitable trades. 
 Validity will be shared within a white paper & is being sought after by multiple large banks and institutions right now, in active discussions. This will have a direct, relative impact of Endotech valuation. 
 Ready for crypto. 
The code has been cracked
30 days for full implementation 
 Crypto funds that were transferred from crypto to Forex will be transferred back to Crypto July 1st. 
 Starting right now, 
90 day Crypto Momentum Promo begins!
New 5% Equity pool
Begins at Crypto Tier 5
Shares doubled in the month of June
 Crypto Momentum Tiers begin at Tier 3
90% into live trading 
 Crypto Builders Pool
Earn 25 permanent shares:
5 personal referrals contribute to Tier 5 or above in a calendar month & 5 personal referrals register for Dubai event 
No limit on shares earned
 Achievers Pool 
Earn 1 share:
200K in unilevel volume, no more than 50% from any 1 unilevel team
Personal contributions count
No limit on shares 
 Dubai Event Pool
Current Event Pool will remain in up to the event
New Dubai event pool will begin February 21st, 2024
Earn 1 share for every 5 personal referrals attend event
PSG & Pacesetter Leader will continue until Sept 1st
Forex Momentum Tiers, Forex Builders Pool & Forex Achievers Pool end. 
The pool shares will pay out until June 2024
Qualification for Leadership Ring continues until August 31st.
Limitless 2024 Dubai Event
Tickets 199 USDT through summer

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