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DAISY MOMENTUM CALL May 1st, Summary Of May 1 Daisy Official Update Zoom. Below is a summary of the points that relate the Daisy Forex and Crypto AI
June 1 BIG announcements 
 Dr Anna Becker will share on IPO
 Lots of new info on Endotech
New Daisy 2.0 Model
 Launches Sept 1, 2023 (not June 1)
 Decentralized Web 3.0 platform
 (change from proposed Hedge Fund Model)
 Will allow to operate in more countries
 Seamless migration from current wallets
 Continue to operate on blockchain
 Continue to be smart contract model
 Same trading as used currently
 No more tiers, add any amount new funds
 Withdraw or compound same as current model
 Withdraw as you currently
 New referral pay plan (no more matrixes)
 Earn on addition of new funds and trading profits
Momentum Packs
 Ends May 31
 Last chance to get 90% into trade
 Tier 3 & 4 (1 Momentum Pack)
 Tiers 5-10 (unlimited Momentum Packs)
Builders and Achievers Pools
 Final qualification ends May 31
 Only Permanent Builder qualifiers from June 1
 Currently only 198 Permanent share holders
 Total 1954 permanent shares currently
 April Builder Pool Share: $102.31
 9723 shares in April (double March results)
 April Achiever Pool Share: $2,413.78
 413 Shares in April
Builder Pool May Promo
 Do $60K personal referral volume in May
 Get 4 permanent shares
 50% rule applies
 No limit on how many shares you can earn
Why Permanent Builder Pool shares by June 1?
 Shares could be bigger than Achiever pool shares
 No dilution of bonus pools as no new qualifiers
 Pays monthly to May 31, 2024
Why become Pace Setter by June 1
 Share in 100% of global trading rewards
 Last chance to earn in additional 5% of Endotech
 Become a Pace Setter Leader & share in additional 2%
 New incentive in June to double Pace Setter shares in new model
Performance Fees on funds transferred from Crypto Nov 2, 2022, to Forex
 Each member will ONLY pay performance fee when their total balance from transferred funds plus profits exceeds their original crypto contribution balance to trading.
 Only applies to members who purchased crypto tiers but did NOT buy Forex tiers
 Additional Notes from Daisy Official Update Zoom May 1
Daisy Regional Events
 Cape Town Sept 2
 Budapest Sept 9
 Tokyo Oct 7
 Osaka Oct 10
 North America TBA
Limitless Event Feb 2024 Dubai
 Venue is Coca-Coca Arena
 10,000 seat capacity
 Pay with USDT TRC20
 Discount of $149 / ticket ends May 7
 From May 8 tickets $199
 Get tickets at

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