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How soon can I sell my Daisy tokens ?

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Are you or people in your team asking, "How soon can I sell my Daisy tokens?"
The question that should be asked is SHOULD you be thinking about SELLING your tokens and IS that a GOOD decision or a COSTLY mistake?
Here is the upside if you do shift your mindset from SELLING and QUICK profits!
You get the potential growth in the value of the token that is bound to happen over time.
If you STAKE ALL your tokens you earn rewards that include MORE Daisy tokens, FREE tokens from the projects that launch on the Daisy Launch Pad, and USDT rewards....that's passive income and assets for doing nothing more than NOT selling.
It's like being paid to NOT sell your house, NOT sell your shares, NOT sell your GOLD.
Selling in the early days drives the price DOWN so you are literally shooting yourself in the foot!
HOLDING and STAKING the coins reduces the supply of tokens in the market which drives the price UP!
Get first access to presales of the tokens offered by the projects launching on the launch pad. First mover advantage with massive potential upside.
In addition to the upside already mentioned you can do the following to earn additional rewards and drive the price UP!
Promote the Daisy Token to others. Share information with your circle of influences, on social media, any way you can.
Buy tokens from the projects launching on the Daisy Launch Pad.
Promote the other projects launching on the Daisy Launch Pad 
You can either be ADDING value to the project, the community and yourself or you are focused on extracting personal gain.
Food for thought!

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